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General system configuration utility, centrally defining recurring configuration actions. This script can be used manually from the command line, but is also used by the BitBox Middleware and Supervisor to trigger configuration operations.

BitBoxBase: system configuration utility
usage: [--version] [--help]
                    <command> [<args>]

possible commands:
  enable    <bitcoin_incoming|bitcoin_ibd|bitcoin_ibd_clearnet|dashboard_hdmi|

  disable   any 'enable' argument

  set       <hostname|loginpw|wifi_ssid|wifi_pw>
            bitcoin_network         <mainnet|testnet>
            bitcoin_dbcache         int (MB)
            other arguments         string
  • enable or disable the following options:

    • bitcoin_incoming: Bitcoin Core accepts incoming connections
    • bitcoin_ibd: system is configured for Bitcoin initial block download (IBD) mode, setting dbcache to 2 GB and disabling lightningd.service and electrs.service.
    • bitcoin_ibd_clearnet: Bitcoin Core uses public internet for IBD and then automatically switch to Tor
    • dashboard_hdmi: Grafana system monitoring dashboard on the HDMI output. This feature is experimental and currently not available in official images, as the option BASE_HDMI_BUILD must also be enabled in build.conf when building the Armbian image.
    • dashboard_web: Grafana system monitoring dashboard available as website, e.g. under http://bitbox-base.local. For development only, off by default.
    • wifi: support for Wifi (experimental)
    • autosetup_ssd: detect an empty drive (ssd or hd, USB or PCIe) on boot and set it up automatically. See script for details.
    • tor: Tor service, used for Bitcoin Core and c-lightning.
    • tor_bbbmiddleware: Tor hidden service for the BitBoxBase middleware, to connect from BitBoxApp, needs tor enabled
    • tor_ssh: Tor hidden service for SSH login, needs tor enabled
    • tor_electrum: Tor hidden service for Electrs, needs tor enabled
    • overlayroot: using overlayrootfs, mounting the root filesystem as read-only, with a ephemeral tmpfs overlay. Needs restart.
    • Insecure development options (see section Tinkering):
      • sshpwlogin: SSH login with password
      • rootlogin: SSH login as root user
      • unsigned_updates: allow updating from unsigned Mender images
  • set the following option:

    • hostname: set hostname persistently
    • loginpw: change login/sudo password for both users base and root, will be overwritten when running the BitBoxApp Setup Wizard again
    • wifi_ssid: [experimental] SSID for wifi
    • wifi_pw: [experimental] PW for wifi
    • bitcoin_network: Bitcoin network, either mainnet or testnet
    • bitcoin_dbcache: set dbcache option for Bitcoin Core