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BitBoxBase Confgen

Application to generate text files from a template, replacing placeholders that specify Redis keys. It’s written in Go as part of the BitBoxBase project and used for automatically generating configuration files.

The program reads a text file specified using the --template argument, parses the contents and writes it into a target file that is either specified with the --output argument, or directly on the first line of the template.

Helpful in configuration management to generate config files. Multiple fallback options are availabe to ensure resilient creation of valid output.

$ bbbconfgen --help

bbbconfgen version 1.0
generates configuration files from a template, substituting placeholders with Redis values

Command-line arguments:
  --template      input template config file
  --output        output config file
  --redis-addr    redis connection address  (default "localhost:6379")
  --redis-db      redis database number     (default 0)
  --redis-pass    redis password

Optionally, the output file can be specified on the first line in the template file.
This line will be dropped and only used if no --output argument is supplied.


Placeholders in the template file are defined as follows.
Make sure to respect spaces between arguments.

                       is replaced by Redis 'key', only if key is present
                   ...deletes the placeholder if key not found
               ...deletes the whole line if key not found
    ...uses default value if key not found

The #rmLineTrue and #rmLineFalse functions allows to drop a line conditionally.

           drop line if a key is set to '1', 'true', 'yes' or 'y'
          drop line if a key is set to '0', 'false', 'no', 'n' or not at all

Check out our own configuration templates to get started: /armbian/base/config/templates/

See Docs on GitHub