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Build on device

The BitBoxBase can also be built directly on a device. This is more suited for development or to create a “golden image” on different distributions.

Supported environments

For example, it can run directly on a RockPro64 with a new Ayufan distribution. It cannot be guaranteed that everything works, as for the moment, we only test on the RockPro64 and the following distributions:

  • Armbian Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ayufan Ubuntu 18.04

Other boards and Debian-based distributions could work as well.

Run installation

  • Setup your board and Linux distribution and log in using SSH with root or a sudo user.
  • Clone the BitBoxBase GitHub repository and start the installation
      git clone
      cd bitbox-base/armbian
      sudo make build-ondevice
  • When prompted with the configuration file, make desired changes and save/exit with Ctrl-O, Enter, Ctrl-X. See “Operating System / Build Armbian” for additional information.
  • Reboot and connect with the BitBoxApp